Five tips when cooking red meat

There are many ways to cook red meat such as braising, grilling, and stewing. With the freshest ingredients and the right cooking techniques, you can create the perfect red meat dish for dinner.

So, what tips should you know to make your red meat taste better? These are:

Thaw frozen meat for 24 hours

Freezing meat is the best way to prolong its shelf life. But before you take it out for cooking, make sure it is thawed out in the fridge first for 24 hours. This keeps the meat clean compared to thawing it with water or leaving it out on the counter. 

High heat for flavour, low heat for moisture

Cooking red meat can be done either on high heat or low heat, depending on the dish you’re making or the size of the meat. Cooking in high heat leads to what is called a Maillard reaction. It is a process where the amino acids from the meat combine with its sugars when subjected to high temperatures. As you would expect, this results in a slice of flavorful meat when cooked.

Meanwhile, low heat is recommended for slightly large chunks of meat and is usually done when it is braised, stewed, or added into a soup. The simmering temperature will tenderize the meat and prevent its natural juices from evaporating.

Cook your meat depending on the cut

Cuts of meat such as the loin or round steak are suited for pan searing and oven roasting. They are also cooked for a specific amount of time, depending on the desired doneness as if it gets cooked for longer, it will get tough.

Cuts that are taken from the more exercised parts of the animal such as the shoulder and brisket are suited for stewing, barbecuing, and other slow-cooked methods. This is because they are naturally tough and they get more tender when cooked for a longer period.

Check the internal temperature of the meat

Make it a point to have a meat thermometer in your kitchen to measure the internal temperature of your protein. Cooking the meat to a certain temperature shows how done it is. Also, if the temperature is high enough, it can kill harmful microorganisms that could thrive in the meat.

Experts recommend the average internal temperature of cooked red meat to be around 65 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Rest the meat after cooking

Chefs do not serve cooked meat right away, and there’s a reason why. Resting meat before slicing it up and putting it on a plate keeps the heat and juices within. During resting, the fibres of the meat relax a bit, allowing the juices to spread throughout.

The recommended resting time for meat is five to 10 minutes, depending on its size. If you’re really hungry and the cut of your meat isn’t that large, seven minutes of resting time will suffice.
Carefully choosing the best quality of red meat is the first step to having a hearty dinner. Make sure your red meat is fresh so that you can maximize its flavor by following the five tips on this list. If you need help in finding the freshest red meat and ingredients to go with it, look no further than Dengu, a local grocery that now has its list of offerings accessible online.

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