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Babies need protection from germs and illnesses since their immune systems are not as strong as adults’. That’s why parents need to ensure that the products they buy are authentic, toxic-free and safe to use. With the number of stores and manufacturers that provide products, not all of them can give your baby the protection they need.

Fortunately, Dengu Online is here to offer you only the best products you can purchase for your baby. Proceed to our baby products section and browse our wide range of items you should buy. Each of these products is made with high-quality materials which make these items last a long time.

If you want to give your baby only the best items they deserve, then shop in Dengu Online to find the products you should buy:

Baby clothes

One of the first things your baby needs are clothes. Thick clothes are important, especially for newborns since they easily get cold regardless of the weather. Baby clothes differ in size depending on the age of the baby. Often, babies reaching the age of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months need to change their clothes since these are the times when they grow significantly.

When choosing baby clothes in Dengu Online, always refer to our list of measurements to have a guide on what your baby should wear. Keep in mind that some babies skip the newborn sizes to 3 months due to their height and weight. That’s why it’s important to ensure the size of your baby before buying anything. 

Moreover, make sure to get the next size up before your baby wears it since they grow quickly. When you shop in Dengu Online, you’ll never run out of options for your growing baby. There will always be something your baby can use. So if you need different sizes and styles of baby clothes, we are the store for you. 

Here are some of the baby clothes you should consider buying for your baby:

  • Sleepers – Sleepers are pyjamas specially designed for babies to make them comfortable while sleeping.  
  • Leggings – Leggings for babies are almost the same as regular leggings for adults. They’re stretchy and soft, perfect for parents who want to change the clothes of their babies quicker than usual.
  • Bodysuits – Bodysuits are also known as onesies which are clothes wherein the top is connected to the bottom. These can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and typically have a snap under the diaper. 
  • Outer layers – As stated earlier, babies can easily get cold. That’s why they need outer layers that will keep them warm and comfortable. Some of the outer layers you can choose from include zip-up sweaters, fleece jackets and sweatshirts. What makes them an ideal purchase is that you can easily slip them over any type of clothes. 
  • Hats – Hats are essential in keeping your baby’s head protected from the cold and physical items. 
  • Socks – Like hats, socks are important for protecting your baby from the cold. Keeping your baby comfortable and safe is a priority, that’s why you should always aim for their safety and security.

Cleaning essentials 

Apart from keeping your baby safe and comfortable, they also need to be clean at all times. Changing their diapers frequently is the best way to maintain good hygiene and protect your baby from germs and bacteria. 

Almost anything can be a good diaper, whether you use cloth or disposable diapers. Since your baby will go through 10 diapers a day or more, you must think of alternative ways to keep your baby clean. 

Here at Dengu Online, we offer diapers and fabrics tailored to your baby’s needs. With the choices you have, you’ll know what type irritates your baby’s skin. Apart from the types, we also offer different sizes meticulously measured to make sure your baby will be comfortable. 

Diapers aren’t the only important items your baby needs. There are other types of cleaning essentials you should consider if you want your baby safe from germs and illnesses. Here at Dengu Online, you’ll find other products that you might find helpful for your everyday cleaning tasks. 

Here are some of the other cleaning essentials for your baby:

  • Diaper pail – A diaper pail will help mask the smell of diapers and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Dispose of your baby’s diapers here to have one designated place where you can place used diapers. 
  • Baby wipes – Baby wipes are the most convenient cleaning items your baby needs. There are different types of wipes and some are not designed for babies. That’s why you should always check for signs or labels stating that it’s safe for your baby’s use. Additionally, you should always opt for those that are unscented since these are typically less irritating to your baby’s skin. 
  • Diaper rash cream – Long hours wearing a diaper can irritate your baby’s skin even if you buy the most expensive one in the store. Buying a diaper rash cream will help prevent rash on your baby’s skin. 
  • Diaper bag – A diaper bag helps you become organized since this is where you can store almost all your baby’s items including the bottles, clothes and cleaning essentials.

Baby gear 

Babies need a place where they can sleep comfortably no matter where they are. When you travel from place to place, baby gears assist you in making your baby safe and secure while making things easier for you. Over the years, baby gears have increased in number and improved in quality. There are now tons of baby gears from various brands that you can choose from.

If you want your baby to have the best things in life, check out our list of baby gears below to know which one you should purchase:

  • Baby carrier – A baby carrier is an item that allows you to carry your baby without holding them physically but still close to you. Whether you choose a baby carrier, wrap carrier or baby sling, your baby can still snuggle close to you. What makes this an ideal item to have is it allows you to use your two hands to do other tasks while staying close to your baby.
  • Stroller – You might want to take your baby somewhere to have fun and relax. This is possible if you purchase a stroller which is a convenient way of bringing your baby anywhere with you. It’s foldable and can fit your car, making it easy to store and bring anywhere. 
  • Car seat – Car seats are important in keeping your baby safe throughout the ride no matter how far your destination is. There are different types of car seats which are infant and convertible car seats. Dengu Online offers different types of car seats and you can choose from a wide range of styles and colours. 
  • Play-yard – If you need a safe space where your little one can play all day long. This play yard provides a barrier that will limit the space where your baby can go. With this, you’re certain that they’re safe and protected.
  • Floor mat – Putting your baby on the ground is a good way to let them play. To make sure they’re protected from the firmness of the floor, make sure they’re lying on a floor mat that has a cushion to make sure they’re comfortable no matter how long they’re lying there. 
  • Bedding – Bedding is another good source of cushion for your baby. This is placed inside the crib or bassinet to make sure they’re comfortable and safe. Some beddings are equipped with pillows, quilts and blankets, saving you the trouble of buying the items individually.
  • Nightlight – Having a nightlight will help your baby sleep better and also allow you to see everything clearly without turning on the main lights of the room.

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding items  

Apart from clothes and gear, babies need feeding essentials which include bottles, bibs, sterilizers and more. Dengu Online can provide you with these items and more which makes our online store one of the best e-commerce sites out there. If your baby needs these items, all you have to do is browse our store and choose the items you need.

To know more about these, check our list of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding items below:

  • Burp cloths – After drinking milk, your baby needs to burp which typically involves the use of cloth since they will spit up milk residue. Some parents use any type of cloth they can find, but if you want your little one to have quality burp cloths, the ones we’re offering might work for you. 
  • Bibs – While your baby is drinking milk, the bib will catch any milk residue or eat solids. Not only will this save you time from cleaning your baby’s mess but will also keep them clean. 

Breast pump – If you want to take a rest from breastfeeding, pumping breast milk is the ideal choice for you. Breast pumps come in various styles and sizes. Choose from our wide variety of options to know which one will work for you.

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